Since 2003, Fresh Creative has been helping brands of all sizes. You might have seen our work as you vacationed on a Carnival Cruise Line ship, checked your mobile phone for a nearby Ben & Jerry's scoop shop, bought a MoonPie snack cake online, or dined at your local Arby's or Marlow's Tavern.

Fresh Creative was founded by Melinda Chandler, a natural-born marketer with a history of building brands. Who, with a background in Design, Business Administration and Marketing Strategy, has been fortunate to work with many of the nation's top brands over the last eighteen years - think Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz and The Home Depot. Our delivery team is made up of strategists, writers, graphic designers, web developers and interactive and media specialists. Our workplace is an environment that breeds creativity, thrives on collaboration, and promotes innovation. At Fresh Creative growing brands has always been our passion. And, as medias, methods and channels continue to evolve we'll keep on getting our thrills from discovering new ways to reach audiences and executing winning strategies that bring results.